Say hello to Adelaide's first specialty coffee vending machine!

We're proud to say, our first specialty coffee vending machine is out in the wild. 

Fully stocked with fresh coffee beans, coffee pods, Instant specialty coffee, filter papers, specialty chocolate and reusable cups.

You can find the machine in the Pirie Flinders Upark, Adelaide.

Access from either Sudholz place or 190 Pirie St, Adelaide 5000

6:30am-Midnight - 7 days a week.

Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.

You must have questions. Here are some FAQs 

Do you just stock coffee?

We stock wholebean coffee, instant specialty coffee, coffee pods, filter papers, reusable cups. In the future we hope to stock cold coffee beverages as well. Want something you can't see? Please tell us via the contact form. 

What size bags do you stock?

Currently only 250g bags. 1Kg bags prove difficult and reduce the variety we can offer drastically.

How will I know the roast date and roast style?

We understand there are challenges of not being able to physically hold the item before purchasing it. We've created a few measures to ensure you get as much information as possible before buying. Roast dates also displayed on the front of all bags to help with your decision. On-top of that, under each product you will see a "FILTER" "ESPRESSO" tag depending on what the particular coffee is best suited for.

How long does the coffee stay in the vending machines?

We aim to be refilling the machines fortnightly. In season, well roasted coffee that's packaged correctly will taste best between 1 and 6 weeks after roast date.

Do you take cash? 

Does anyone these days? Sorry, totally cashless. We accept all major cards including AMEX as well as google pay and apple pay.

My purchase didn't vend, what do I do?

Please call the number on the machine and we can assist you remotely.