Located in the heart of the CBD Brad and Carly have been hard at it for 5 years roasting some of SA's best coffee and serving it straight to the public in their roastery cafe. They make an effort of purchasing their coffee from the same producers year in and out with the dream to shake the hand of every coffee farmer they work with. 


Monday's was established in 2015 as cafe, moving on to roast their own coffee in 2017. Mondays keeps it simple and straight forward in most aspects of their offering with exceptionally clean coffees, sourced from trusted importing partners and an all round classic feel to everything they do. 


Monastery Coffee make an effort not to be pigeon holed as a particular "type of roaster." They'll buy, roast and offer just about any coffee taking in to account it meets their quality standards, it's unique to their current offering and contributes to the economic sustainability of the supply chain. If you want to know every single detail about the coffee you're buying, they can provide it.


No stranger to the Adelaide or Australian coffee scene, Dawn Patrol have been bunkered down, roasting and filling up their striking, reusable tins with a range of delicious coffees since 2014 in their roastery and cellar door which is idyllically situated in the Adelaide Hills wine region. 


Sean and Dos keep things light hearted and light roasted at Coffee in Common. Traceable coffees sourced through trusted importers and a selection of the high end jazz from Ninety Plus Coffee is what they focus their energy on. You can find them on the outskirts of the CBD in their spacious, Hindmarsh roastery/cafe.


Based in the Adelaide Hills, Two Fish are passionate about collaborating with coffee producers from around the world, to source, roast and share coffees that are fresh, delicious and unique. Aside from tasting amazing their coffees must be sourced in a way that empowers, assists and enables the famers to see a worthwhile future in coffee production.


Like all good coffee roasters b3 coffee aims to increase the sustainability of the coffee industry through purchasing ethically traded coffee and educating cafe owners, baristas and every day coffee drinkers. They have an ever changing coffee offering with a wide spectrum of processing methods and coffee origins. From funky naturals, honey and washed processes they do it all.


Kindred are the new kids on the block in Adelaide, however with many years of industry expereience behind them they're coming in with knowledge and good intentions. Their key focus lies within their name they aim to bring together those who are likeminded, connect the consumer to the grower and build a better coffee industry together.