Crafted in Melbourne, Australia, Aji Filters are meticulously hand-sewn using 100% natural cotton sourced from a hand-loomed process, ensuring a luscious pour-over coffee experience.

Engineered for easy cleaning and durability, these filters elevate your coffee ritual. Discover the essence of our distinctive cotton.

Flavor Profile: Unlike conventional paper filters, Aji's cotton filters feature larger pores, holding back coffee grounds while allowing fines and oils to create a rich, creamy cup.

Versatility: Compatible with most conical drippers, Aji Filters are offered in two primary sizes: #01 and #02. 

Usage Instructions:

  1. Boil your filter for 10 minutes.
  2. Fold the seam and position the Aji Filter in your chosen dripper cone. 
  3. Preheat/set the filter and dripper with hot water, discarding the water.
  4. Add 20g of coffee, leveling the grounds for a flat base.
  5. Pour 300g of water in five 60g pours, allowing complete filtration between each. Explore the comprehensive Instructions for a perfect brew.

Effortless Cleaning: Crafted from resilient cotton, Aji Filters are effortlessly cleaned – most spent grounds wash away under a simple tap stream. Post-brew, discard grounds, invert the filter, and rinse under water.

Choose your preferred storage method:

  • Air-dry after each use and pre-wet before brewing, akin to paper filters.
  • Store filters in a cup of water in the fridge until your next brewing session.
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